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Because you are destined for greater things Because you are destined for greater things

JobRocker is the first digital head-hunting platform that combines innovative matching and top personnel consultants. Define your desired criteria and receive only customised job offers that correspond to the sector, field of activity and salary you are looking for!

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The best of man and machine

No more motivation letters and combing through job portals! Once you have uploaded your CV and defined your desired criteria for your next career step, your data is compared with open jobs using matching technology. If there is a match between your profile and a suitable position, you receive a job offer and are contacted by one of our JobRocker consultants after giving your consent. We only contact you when an offer is actually interesting for you!

About us

I honestly have to say that JobRocker changed my life. What I liked best was the personal care of my consultant. I didn't have to manage anything myself. It's a great service!

— Deni Kamber, Account Manager
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With JobRocker I experienced a personal and professional care. Thanks to JobRocker as a middleman, it was straightforward and convenient to get to know the company. In my point of view JobRocker brings great benefits to job seekers and companies.

— Christoph Jakl, Controller
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JobRocker has spared me a boring, complicated and often poitnless application procedure. I had a very capable consultant and therefore saved a lot of time and trouble. I can only recommend it!

— Claudia Mohnberg, Office Manager
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Your companion for your next career step

Your personal JobRocker consultant accompanies you on your path to your dream job. They are not only available for questions, but also have additional information and insider knowledge on your potential new employer.

About us

Your benefits at JobRocker

  • Innovative application procedure

    No long application letters, no tedious salary negotiations. Simply define your desired position and get matched only with corresponding jobs!

  • Non-binding and free

    You don’t like the proposed jobs? Take your time and wait until you get matched with a suitable position. JobRocker is always free for candidates!

  • Safe and discreet

    Your information cannot be viewed by companies or other members. Unlike other platforms, you will not leave any traces of your personal information online.

  • Benefit from our huge job network

    Get access to jobs that are not publicly advertised. Be it start-ups or companies, you will find your dream job here!

A small step for you, a big step for your career

Registration only takes 3 minutes! Simply upload your CV and tell us your requirements, we take care of the rest!

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