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JobRocker Advantages

Forget regular Headhunting...

  • Innovative matching algorithm for efficient candidate search
  • HR experts support you the whole process
  • Transparent pricing and flatrate
  • Huge database with top candidates & additional active sourcing
  • Experts for every business sector
  • Time saving and less work
  • Single contracts or general agreement
  • Executive search for difficult to find profiles

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The best combination between human and technology

10 Days

Until short list

It takes approximately 10 days until you get a list of best-matching candidates. Depending on the job requirements, this number can vary. Our fastest placement took only 23 hours.

20 %

cheaper than traditional Headhunters

With JobRocker you will be able to save up to 20% in comparison with traditional headhunters. This saving can vary with the difficulty and the scope of the job offer.

400 +

Satisfied customers

23 Hours

fastest placement

108 k


35 Years


The management team of JobRocker combines 35 years of experience in Headhunting, IT-Development and HR-Tech.

The search for the right staff is too expensive, takes too long, and in the end does not always produce the most suitable candidates. JobRocker was founded in response to these challenges. By digitising the entire process and building a sustainable and qualitative database, we can find the people that really fit your business and the job.

Our expertise

We expertise in all white-collar job opportunities

We find the perfect candidates for you!

Our mission is to find the perfect candidates for you

Up until now JobRocker successfully positioned hundreds of applicants

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JobRocker helps us with a quick and very competent placement of candidates, finding the ideal fit for the position within short times at very low cost and effort.

Marius Markl, General Manager

The big benefit of JobRocker in comparison with classic personnel consultants is the fixed flat rate that does not depend on the salary of the candidate. JobRocker offers the best value for money!

Cornelia Wallner, HR Manager