Data Protection and Privacy

We handle your personal data with care. JobRocker sets the highest standards for your data protection.

As a candidate:
For this, we need your full postal address as well as your first and last names. In order to answer any queries quickly, we also ask that you provide us with your telephone number and email address.
Your data will not be forwarded without your consent.
You can easily delete your data here at any time.

Does JobRocker use cookies?
JobRocker uses cookies for purely technical reasons. It is entirely your decision whether to use this service.
If you want to be recognised again later when setting up your candidate account, our site will send a cookie file to your browser. A cookie does not contain any personal details about you. It is merely a text file to which we add one line of text. If you visit the JobRocker website again, we will use a sequence of numbers in this text to establish a connection between your computer and the information we have stored for you.
If you visit JobRocker on another occasion with the same computer, you will be able to access your personal account without having to log in again.

Email contacts with JobRocker
We do not sell or forward email addresses to third parties under any circumstances.
We only keep email messages and/or addresses at JobRocker for certain purposes. For example, if we want to contact you at a later date to discuss a particular matter. And we keep email addresses as a user ID for the personal accounts of our candidates.

Send declaration of consent / curriculum vitae
I hereby consent to JobRocker GmbH adding my personal details listed below to a database.
I am aware that JobRocker companies other than JobRocker GmbH will be able to access my details. I also understand that JobRocker records information in its database for the sole purpose of being able to locate and contact me if, on the basis of the details I have supplied, I might be a candidate when it comes to staff recruitment procedures that JobRocker is solely involved in on behalf of and in the interests of an employer looking for personnel.
These details will only be forwarded to third parties, especially clients of JobRocker, on a case-by-case basis if JobRocker has informed me of the position to be filled beforehand and has received my express permission to forward the details to the client. JobRocker must adhere to the provisions of the German Data Protection Act when processing, using and transferring the details stored about me. I am aware that I may withdraw my consent at any time and that I have no legal right in relation to the use of my details by JobRocker. JobRocker GmbH reserves the right to delete some or all of my details without giving any reasons.

Further information
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JobRocker does not accept responsibility for an employer or customer asking for information about a candidate, inviting a candidate to a job interview or employing them or for making the candidates available or for ensuring that the requirements of the employer or customer are met.
JobRocker gives no assurances or guarantees in relation to the final conditions and the duration of any appointment agreed upon with the help of this website.
By using this website, you bear the risk of the information on this website potentially being incomplete, incorrect or outdated and not meeting your requirements.
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