Terms of use

Scope of application
The general “consumer” terms and conditions (referred to hereinafter as the “general terms and conditions”) are valid for the entire business relationship between JobRocker GmbH (referred to hereinafter as “JobRocker”) and the consumer (referred to hereinafter as the “applicant”) and govern the mutual rights and obligations of the contracting parties.
Changes to these general terms and conditions and the privacy statement forming part of these general terms and conditions obtain legal validity 2 months following the written agreement from the applicant for the entire business relationship, provided that the applicant does not object to them in writing within that period of time. The agreement must contain a reference to the legal consequence that no communication within 2 months of receiving the amended general terms and conditions will be deemed as acceptance of the changes. The basic contractual obligations do not allow for a change to be made to the general terms and conditions in this way – this primarily relates to the option to give notice at any time without a notice period, the service that is generally free of charge unless clearly indicated otherwise and the principles of data protection where changes to the general terms and conditions resulting from the technical implementation of the website (e.g. which cookies are used specifically) allow for the change to be made in this way. A fax and an email satisfy the written form requirement both in terms of an agreement from the applicant and in terms of their corresponding statement objecting to the written form requirement.

Registration and profile
JobRocker enables applicants to register at www.JobRocker.at or other www.jobrocker domains (e.g. .de, .nl, .com, etc.) and to create their own profile. The applicant is solely responsible for deciding which details are entered in the profile.
Registering and uploading a profile is an active measure taken by the applicant to be matched as a candidate by potential job providers that are also registered on JobRocker and to be written to about a specific job. Registration is free and allows for additional functions on the JobRocker internet portal to be used free of charge. There is no legal right to register and create a profile. The registration is completed by entering the email address of the applicant and the registration being confirmed by JobRocker for an indefinite period.
The applicant must keep the password secret. The password may be amended by the applicant at any time.
JobRocker itself can view personal details of users for technical product enhancement or internal recruitment purposes at any time.
By registering on JobRocker, the applicant expressly gives his permission for his profile content and the approved profile details to be viewed. By registering, the applicant also agrees to be contacted by JobRocker employees to receive suggestions for jobs.
JobRocker is at all times entitled to remove the content of the applicant from the website and/or block the applicant for a definite or indefinite period.
The applicant is at all times authorised to deactivate his profile, withdraw his registration and delete his account. In this case, JobRocker will delete all of the applicant’s details immediately.

Use of the profile 
The applicant is prohibited from entering incorrect, misleading or otherwise unlawful information. Procedures that violate network or system security or intend to do so (e.g. infiltration of a virus or Trojans) are prohibited and will lead to both civil and criminal prosecution. JobRocker is entitled to delete these files at all times.

Termination of the business relationship
The consumer and JobRocker may terminate the business relationship or individual parts thereof at any time without complying with a notice period or giving any reasons.

Warranty, compensation for damage and liability
JobRocker guarantees the preparation and publication of the information/job advertisement requested by the applicant according to the customary and current technical standard. The applicant is aware that it is not possible to create a completely error-free program according to the state of the art. The presentation of the requested information is not deemed to contain errors if this is caused by the applicant using unsuitable presentation software and hardware and/or breakdowns in the communication network.
JobRocker is liable neither for stored files nor for trademark or copyright violations by the applicant. JobRocker is also not liable for claims or losses of the applicant which relate to the details specified in the profile.
JobRocker is only liable in the event of intent or gross negligence. Excluded from this is liability for personal injury.
Maintenance work, updates or similar work will be performed by JobRocker in a way that ensures downtimes do not occur or are kept as short as possible. Claims can not be brought against JobRocker in the case of interruptions.

Consent to receive emails, telephone calls, advertising and other communications
The applicant agrees to be contacted by JobRocker in respect of all products and services for applicants by email, fax, other means of communication, e.g. in social media or by telephone.
The applicant is authorised to withdraw this consent free of charge at any time and without giving a reason by sending an email to office@jobrocker.com.

Approval for use of data in accordance with the data privacy statement
By approving these general terms and conditions at the time of registration, the applicant also gives his consent for his personal details to be used pursuant to the privacy policy forming part of these general terms and conditions.

Applicable law and language
Austrian law is deemed to have been agreed upon for the entire business relationship between JobRocker and the consumer excluding any conflict of law rules of international private law.
The language to be used for all information and general terms and conditions and for communications with the applicant is German.